Baking the most PAWtastic and DOGlicious treats since 2015

Celebration Cakes

Looking for the perfect complement to your celebration? Our cakes are one of a kind! We make your ideas come true.

Doggiecakes celebration cakes are made with no sugar, salt or any preservatives added. Our DoggieFrosting is made of peanut butter and greek yogurt for the pawfect creamy decadent dogtastic experience. 

Prices start at $30 dollars depending on cake complexity. PickUp only. 

Please contact us through social media or email to verify dates availability. 




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Whole wheat flour, oats flour, eggs, organic peanut butter, greek yogurt, water, tapioca. Additional ingredient varies depending on the cake flavor, and may include: parsley, parmesan cheese, bacon, salmon, cinnamon, vanilla, turmeric, fruits, vegetables and other dog safe proteins (We don't use chicken.) 

Our treats have no sugar, salt or any preservatives added.

If your pet has any allergies or medical conditions, consider consulting your veterinary prior to introduce anything to their regular diet.